Guide Profile: Royjan Taylor


Born in the rift valley town of Nakuru in 1975, a third generation Kenyan, Royjan’s career with snakes stemmed from early childhood where encounters with them were common on his grandparents’ farm in Eldoret. His passion for snakes has, on many occasions, been described as ‘infectious’.As a boy he became a regular visitor to Bio-Ken Snake Farm in Watamu which was founded and run by James Ashe, then Kenya’s leading authority on snakes and snakebite. Royjan continued to work with snakes and later became his protégé and close friend, working side by side with James until his death in 2004. Royjan now runs the snake farm and has set up the James Ashe Anti-venom Trust (JAAT) which assists snakebite victims who are unable to afford anti-venom treatment. Royjan performs snake demonstrations all over the country, for tourists and the local community, with the hope that he can change the bad reputation snakes have through education and awareness. Since Royjan took over at Bio-Ken, he has built it up to house one of the largest collections of African snakes in the world.Due to public demand, Royjan designed and now organises personalized ‘snake catching and releasing’ walking safaris. These safaris are professional, exciting and safe, with no gung-ho antics allowed! Many of these trips have included professors, doctors and students all keen to learn from Royjan’s experience and fascinating fireside stories of bites and encounters.Snakes aside, Royjan is a brilliant all-round guide and wildlife fanatic. He is an extremely interesting person to listen to and his enthusiasm for his country, the people, its wildlife and its natural heritage are boundless. Royjan lives in the coastal village of Watamu with his wife and two children where he spends a lot of his spare time feeding his snakes.



Telephone: 0733-290324/ 0718-290324

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