Guide Profile: Stephen M. Ndaiga


Ndaiga was born 32 years ago in Nairobi, and went through junior school in the city, but later moved on to one of the best government high schools in the Rift Valley. In 1995, he completed his A levels with a very impressive mark which secured him a place at the Moi University College in Eldoret to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in tourism (B.Sc Tourism). Among other courses included in the degree program, Ndaiga was able to study; Wildlife management, Eco-tourism, Environment and Health, Marine Ecology, Anthropology, Zoology, Botany, Environment and society in Kenya to mention but a few.

Ndaiga developed a passion for wildlife at a tender age having been a member of the Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and his interests were further cultivated by activities in the boys scout movement. This passion and dedication has enabled him to build and improve on his choice career of being a professional safari guide. Ndaiga has a great interest in birds and has been a member of Nature Kenya which is the major birders organization in the country. He has received First Aid training from the Red Cross Society of Kenya and has attended guiding refresher courses at the prestigious Utalii college. He speaks fluent English, Swahili and two native languages and is currently learning French.

Ndaiga is a friendly person, very knowledgeable, humorous and enjoyable company to keep. He aspires to pursue a masters degree in a conservation field in order to give back and help preserve what our generations have taken and continue extracting from mother nature.

Foreign languages spoken: English.

Telephone: 0722-863818/ 0722-358554

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