Guide Profile: Tiampati Manei

Meet Tim, his real name is Tiampati Manei. Tim comes as a nick name from one of the Guest in Safari who could not pronounce Tiampati. I hail from a humble background in Maasai Land in a place called Kajiado in Inkiwanjani Village. Being born and living among animals in Maasai land, made me love and develop passion for them. Our home was a corridor for wildebeest migrating from Amboseli to Nairobi national park and vice versa. Safari jeeps were always passing close to our home going to Amboseli and I recall telling my Mum, ‘one day ;I will be driving this vehicles’.
After high School, Tim joined a guiding training college in Maasai Mara for a period of two years. Upon completion he started working for Oldarpoi Mara camp as a tour guide. For more Exposure and exploring his country Kenya he joined NICE Safaris, it’s here that I learnt more about Kenya
After a while, I Joined wild eye Destinations which happens to be a photography company. I learned more about Safaris, photography and many things in the hospitality industry
I have specialized in guiding wildlife photographers to most of the National parks in Kenya. And spending many hours trying to get you the best of the pictures you should have while on safari.
Am also passionate about birds, I guide birders and I know most of the East Africa birds. I am member of Nature Kenya and during my free time I go on bird watching with my friends trying to find new lifers.
Being a KPSGA silver member, you won’t regret coming on safari with me as i will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.
Follow me on social media, my Face book account is Tiampati Manei and my photographic page is Ole Manei Photography, please like and enjoy the pictures.


39094 PC 00623 NB

Telephone: 0728-220025

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